Lockable Space Dividers for Sumner’s New Library

Project Matuku Takotako: Sumner Centre | Design Athfield Architects |  Installation Kaynemaile | Location Christchurch, New Zealand |  Photography Jason Mann


Our lockable screens at Sumner's new library and community hub Matuku Takotako: Sumner Centre provide seamless and beautiful security.


Mesh Colour

Water Clear

Water Clear


Designed by Athfield Architects in Christchurch, the new centre includes re-purposed Kaynemaile mesh previously used in the old Sumner library before the 2011 earthquake.

The new lockable folding screens are used to divide areas of the library space and are lockable for added security - all while providing great visibility and airflow.

Our Kaynemaile folding screens use lockable posts that allow you to pre-set your locking position wherever you need it along your floor length into our floor sockets. Stainless steel armatures run the full width of the screen allowing it to fold to a super low stack ratio.

Our folding screens are extremely versatile, giving the ability to create sectioned-off areas or larger open areas depending on your requirements.

We use our own head track system and don’t rely on a bottom track. With a wide colour range and great looking components our Kaynemaile lockable folding screens are the best-looking deterrent screens around. 

Kaynemaile has a cradle-to-cradle ethos. If an existing project undergoes a redesign that no longer includes Kaynemaile, then the mesh can be shipped back to the factory for reuse. We make our screens to order and reprocess our mesh back into our production process.


Product System Used

Kaynemaile Lockable Folding Screens

Spacemaile Lockable Folding Screens provide additional security with the ability to fix and lock one end. Perfect for interior applications such as retail malls, offices, libraries, schools and anywhere else you need to create a secure space.


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