Removing the weakest links from chain mail: Kaynemaile

Stuff article by Julie Iles, May 3rd 2016

Extract: The man behind the aesthetic of the orcs in The Lord of the Rings, Kayne Horsham, has developed an award-winning architectural mesh that has taken the chinks out of chain mail.
Kaynemaile is a polycarbonate mesh manufactured in Petone that uses injection-moulding to make large sheets of interlocked rings.
Horsham is the former artistic director for creatures, armour and weapons at Weta Workshop.
During the production of The Lord of the Rings, one of the first jobs he had was to equip the majority of costumes with chain mail.
"There were very few characters, other than the elves that didn't have chain mail," Horsham says.
After ordering handmade mail from India, Horsham tried on a tunic.
The material was so heavy he knew it would be a problem, as the actors would have to wear it for hours each day.
"We got note that there was about to be a major upheaval in Gladiator, which they were filming at the time we were preparing for The Lord of the Rings.
"Russell Crowe rejected all the costumes with chain mail because of the way he said it impacted on his ability to perform...

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