About our mesh

Our architectural mesh is a patented, world-leading innovation. Made with Makralon® polycarbonate it has over 60-years of polycarbonate material science and research to call on —we know our mesh inside out. We've undertaken extensive laboratory and field tests to ensure the product range works and we keep testing it everyday. We think the benefits of the Kaynemaile product are extraordinary.


At a glance


Material:  Engineering grade Makralon® polycarbonate, fire and UV resistant
Visual open area:  Approximately 25%
Physical open area:  Approximately 80%
Weight:  3kg m2 (0.6 lb/ft2)
Maximum sheet size:  Unlimited height and width
Screen thickness:  15mm (0.6")
Colour customisation:  Available (additional costs may apply to small orders)
Diameter of ring:  22mm internal, 28mm external


Technical Benefits

Kaynemaile Simple Attachment Systems

Simple Attachment Systems

Our attachment methods for both exterior and interior systems are simple and based around two systems that utilise tube and hooks or a low profile track. Even custom projects are based around these simple attachment systems. For fixing details please contact us.

Kaynemaile Unbeatable Strength

Unbeatable Strength

Our mesh is made from the highest performing thermoplastic. It is extremely robust and impact resistant. Thermally stable from -40°C to 120°C (-40°F up to 248°F). 

Kaynemaile is Lightweight


Stronger and lighter than glass. The mesh weighs 3kg per m2, making it a perfect choice where a low static load on buildings is required. Plus the light weight mesh makes handling on site easy.

80% airflow achieved with Kaynemaile architectural mesh

80% Airflow

Our mesh gives approximately 80% airflow through the cross sectional open area. This means air compliant movement can be maintained in interior spaces and exterior screens.

Kaynemaile architectural mesh is fire resistant

Fire Resistant

Kaynemaile mesh achieved a Group 1 flammability rating under the new NCC and AS 5637 codes for Australia. Kaynemaile mesh achieved a Group 1 flammability rating and SMOGRA of 0.5m2/s2. We use FR-V0 material that is rated self-extinguishing. Contact us for more information.

Kaynemaile efficient installation

Efficient Installation

Large screens go up fast without cranes because our fixing systems are simple. Should you need it we can offer an on-site supervisory service to help you with your project anywhere in the world.

Kaynemaile weather protection

Weather Protection

Kaynemaile mesh system acts as an effective wind and rain screen due to its cross-sectional density. For added protection, a second layer of mesh can be utilised further limiting the wind and rain penetration.

Unlimited Screen Size

Unlimited Screen Size

We are not limited by panel size—we can make our screens to any height or width without joins or distracting gaps. This gives you freedom at the design concept stage that other materials don’t. Making our screens to the size you need them means less structure, less fixings, and less time on site.

Kaynemaile is Recyclable

Eco-conscious Manufacturing

We are constantly striving to reduce the environmental footprint of our business. Our unique manufacturing process means we only make what we need. Our materials are fully recyclable using low-energy processes.

Kaynemaile is low maintenance

Low Maintenance

Our mesh is easy to clean. Exterior applications can be washed down with water. Interior applications can be brushed down or vacuumed. For best results we recommend an annual clean.


Mesh Performance Testing




Kaynemaile architectural mesh has been tested to:

AS/ISO 9705 Room Corner Test — Result 1-S
Equivalent US NFPA 286 room corner classification (Class A*) performance.
*NFPA 286 room corner test to be carried out (same as ISO 9705) results indicate Class A conversion

NFPA 701 — Pass

Conforming with section 803.12 stability at 200°F — Pass

ASTM D 1929 Self-Ignition Temperature - 968 °F (520 °C)

ASTM D 1929 Flash Ignition Temperature - 842 °F (450 °C)

ASTM D 2843 — Smoke Density Rating of 70.9

ASTM 635 — Average linear rate of burn, no self-sustained burn, CC1 Class HB-CC1

UL94-VO — Self-extinguishing at 3mm

IMO Resolution A.652 — Pass smoldering cigarette & match flame equivalent

DIN 4102 part 1 — Pass B1

AS 1530.2 — Flammability index result of (FI) = 6

AS 1530.3 — Regulatory indices - Ignitability index = 0, Spread of flame index = 0, Heat evolved index = 0, Smoke Developed Index = 1

Under the new NCC and AS 5637 codes for Australia, Kaynemaile mesh achieved a Group 1 flammability rating and a SMORGA of 0.5 m2/s2.

Sunlight (UV) and exterior weathering

UV stabilised Makrolon Polycarbonate.

Independently lab tested by Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ).

Results show minimal structural/tensile deterioration of the mesh after 2000 hours of continuous testing in New Zealand's harshest UV conditions — some of the toughest in the world.

All colours are light fastened, mineral-based pigments to maintain colour and recyclability. Real world full external exposure testing after 8 years shows 95% original strength and colour retention.

Tensile strength and impact resistance

Note: The accumulated strength of seamless mesh increases proportionately with the size of the panel.

Astron burst testing with a point load area of approx. 32mm (1.5") on small 140 x 140mm (5 1/2" x 5 1/2") samples show a peak resistance of 279kg (615lb).

Suitable for use as balustrade infill to New Zealand Building Code NZBC F4 safety from falling.

Exceeds required strength loads prescribed in AS/NZS 1170.1 for balustrades including C5 Crowd loadings.


Care, maintenance and warranty

Kaynemaile Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance

Our mesh is easy to maintain and impervious to most airborne pollutants and dirt deposits. We simply recommend cleaning when dirt or pollutants can be seen, or annually as part of a normal cleaning regime.

Methods of cleaning:

Interior environments
— Vacuum, brush, or wipe with damp cloth and regular dishwashing detergent
— Rinse with water if heavily soiled
— Avoid abrasive, wax, alkaline or silicon cleaning materials

Exterior environments
— Mild detergent pre-soak followed by a low-pressure water blaster rinse
— Avoid abrasive, wax, alkaline or silicon cleaning materials

Kaynemaile 10 year warranty

10 Year Warranty

Kaynemaile products have a 10 year standard warranty. Kaynemaile mesh is UV stabilised using inorganic colours for long term stability and full recyclability.


Technical Specifications

Kaynemaile Interior Brochure

Kaynemaile Interior Brochure

Interior Hanging Screen Tech Sheet

Interior Hanging Screen Tech Sheet

Interior Folding Screen Tech Sheet

Interior Folding Screen Tech Sheet

Interior Lockable Folding Screen Tech Sheet

Interior Lockable Folding Screen Tech Sheet

Interior Framed Screen Tech Sheet

Interior Framed Screen Tech Sheet


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